Growth and Service AI Assistant Bot with Human Backup

Keep your business running around the clock

A real-time AI driven bot with human backup to ensure no communication is missed

  • Fully customizable to meet your needs and solve your problems
  • Nurture all leads that come in, no matter the time of day, to drive more conversions
  • Answer guest questions on demand and convert all lookers into bookers
  • No need to hire an overnight employee when our service is turned on and covering all shifts
  • Significantly less than the cost of a full time employee with benefits and around the clock coverage
  • We grow with you.  Choose the coverage option that works for your business now.  24/7 Text Only Responses to include Web Chat Widget, Text Messaging, Form Submissions, and Email.  Want us to answer your calls 24/7 too?  We will respond to all text inquiries AND answer all your calls and provide guest service. (English & Spanish)

What You Can Do With Growth and Service AI

Around the Clock Coverage

Growth and Service AI powered assistant can handle anything you throw at it with human backup to ensure accuracy. Bi-lingual English & Spanish support.

An Extension of Your Team at an Unbeatable Price

Consider Growth and Service AI a part of your team, operating on your terms, and delivering on your values.

No More Missed Opportunities

Whether you are taking reservation bookings, owner inquiries, or guest service requests, Growth and Service AI has it covered.

The Features

Multiple Communication Options

Webchat, email, text message, or a form filled out on your website, all inquiries will be nurtured by the Sales and Service AI assistant with optional human backup.

Fully Customizable

Growth and Service AI provides two customizable business solutions depending on your needs.   24/7 Text Only Responses or 24/7 Incoming Call Answering Service & Text Responses.

Support Multiple Departments

Whether its leads, reservations, guest service, or general inquiries, Growth and Service AI covers it all based on your Standard Operating Procedures.