Using Batch Leads 3.0 to Get Vacation Rental Owner Data

BatchLeads 3.0 New Features just released a new version of their platform making it even easier for you to get property absentee owner data.  Whether you are looking to target an entire city, specific neighborhood, or cherry pick individual properties, BatchLeads 3.0 is the perfect tool for your vacation rental inventory growth campaigns. 

Driving For Dollars

One of the new tools included in BatchLeads 3.0 is the Driving For Dollars feature.  Not only does this allow you to virtually drive down any street and easily create a target property list, but it is also included in the BatchLeads phone app that you can use while physically driving around.  It will automatically save the routes that you have driven so you can ensure to not duplicate efforts when continuing your research in the future.  This is a perfect tool for managers that are looking to grow their inventory in other geographic regions than where they reside full-time. Integration

Easily sync all skip traced leads to the Vacation Reputation platform.  No need to worry about download spreadsheets and uploading CSV files with mapped fields; all skip traced leads are automatically added to them CRM platform to automate your owner outreach.  Vacation Reputation platform subscription includes multiple tools and templates for growing your inventory and servicing your guests.  Watch the video below for a quick walkthrough or schedule a demo to see how our all-in-one system can automate your inventory growth today!

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