How to Get Vacation Rental Owner Leads

Are there free ways to find owner data?  

Absolutely, you can use county property appraiser websites and those will typically show you whether or not a homeowner is a full-time resident or an absentee owner living somewhere else full-time (a giveaway that it’s a rental property).  Depending on the municipality you are researching, you can sometimes gather short-term rental licensee information and be provided with owner contact information making it easy to reach out as well.  Beyond basic contact information, it can be a struggle to find details about the property and that’s why using a service like BatchLeads can save you a ton of time and energy to ensure you’re only targeting specific properties you are interested in managing.

There’s no magic way to reach owners these days and because of that, you have to reach out via multiple methods such as targeted social ads, email and text message marketing campaigns, ringless voicemails, direct mail postcards, cold calls, letters, and more.  Being able to easily find and filter through owner information such as absentee owner status, property type, bedroom and bathroom count, amenities, length of ownership, equity, and much more, give you an edge over your competitors using the spray and pray method.

What is Skip Tracing?

At its simplest level, skip tracing is the process of finding contact information for a person who cannot be reached through traditional methods. Skip tracing platforms like BatchLeads offer a variety of ways to find contact information, including reverse phone lookup, email search, and property records search. These platforms also offer very detailed information that can help you build highly personalized vacation rental owner lead lists to grow your property portfolio.  

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